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nebraska homeschool

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you are free

  • to make your child's education about learning, and tailor it to your child's interests and needs
  • to make "school" fit your family patterns rather than the other way around
  • to teach your child what matters most
  • to focus on any learning opportunity that helps your child grow in wisdom and in stature, to become whom God intends him or her to be

You are free to
homeschool your child.

We Are here

  • because we want to help Nebraska families begin the homeschool journey
  • because we want to encourage families along the winding pathways, over the peaks, and through the valleys
  • because we want to build a strong homeschool community in Nebraska
  • because we have seen first-hand what God can do through homeschooling

We are homeschool parents
serving homeschool families.

We offer help

  • by exploring homeschool possibilities
  • by guiding you through the Nebraska homeschool (exempt school) filing process
  • by researching curriculum options
  • by connecting you to trusted resources
  • by ministering to your heart

We share our experiences
so your homeschool can thrive.

Serving Nebraska homeschool

families since 1987

PO Box 323

Boys Town, NE 68010

Nebraska Homeschool

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PO Box 323

Boys Town, NE 68010

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